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Making provisions for the future

Whether you are nearing retirement age, setting up a new business or moving abroad, prudent and careful tax-planning could save you considerable sums in the long term.

With many UK and international accountants "playing safe", AMP & Partners Ltd can offer independent and impartial advice offering a valuable second opinion. Implementing fully legal and compliant offshore or onshore vehicles within your corporate structure could save you significant sums. Enough to buy you that holiday home in the sun that you've always wanted?

In today's World of Globalisation is it imperative that your business remains competitive and looks to make provisions for uncertain future developments.

We can assist you to plan for the future to provide for your family where your assets can be held securely, free from litigation. Or you just may simply wish to re-organise your business affairs in a more tax efficient manner. Whatever your needs are, AMP & Partners Ltd can assist with-

  • protection against hostile take overs
  • protection against litigation (especially for research, medical and technology industries)
  • liquidation and sale of assets to low or tax free jurisdiction
  • mergers and acquisition with international companies
  • transfer of assets for inheritance tax purposes

For further information, you can on this website supply us with some information about yourself by requesting a no-obligation, free tax-planning assessment .

Download our Offshore Report to see how some of the worlds largest companies have mitigated taxes in the past and how you can legally reduce taxes too.

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