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Existing Clients

Refer a client to us and as long as 'the referal' continues to be an AMP & Partners client, with fees fully paid up to date, we will discount your current annual fees by 20 per cent. Refer five clients to us and you will  receive annual services free of all charges. Maximum number of referrals 5, making the maximum discount available 100 per cent. For each referral thereafter we will pay you 15% commission of the annual fees upon receipt of fees from the client you referred to us.

You can refer your Accountant, Lawyer or business associates to us using the form below. 

Affiliates and Financial Intermediaries 

AMP & Partners Limited is a firm of international accountants and business advisers based in Gibraltar. As advisers we assist individuals and corporations to restructure, re-position or start new business ventures abroad. We are able to assist our clients with most of the services they require to achieve their business goals. These services include, tax-planning advice, introductions and referrals to specialist service providers.  

If you would like to promote AMP's services, make a referral, or work in partnership, please complete the form below and we will contact you. 

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