Through a business partner of AMP & Partners Ltd, we are able to offer a range of corporate services in Germany which include raising of funds through a Blind Pool. this concept is not so well-known in English law, but its nearest equivalent is a Hedge Fund.

The general structure is as follows: the holding company /fund is a private Hybrid asset management corporate vehicle registered in Frankfurt, Main. Structured with the holding company /fund there are several partner companies which have different functions. 1. Management 2. Investment 3. Investment Management 4.Treasury ; The liability of the companies are mixed in such a way to give tax advantages for the investors and the holding company /fund itself.

1. The fund is formed as a closed private equity fund which requires licensing and registration through a WKN/ISIN-number.

2. The fund must specify in its prospectus the capital it wishes to raise from private investors.Industry average, €20 million+.

3. The fund must specify a minimum investment, usually €10,000.

4. The fund must specify a specific timeframe for raising capital. Usually two years, with possible option for 2 year extension).

5. The industry average fund manager’s aggregate annual fees amount to 2% of the value of funds under management.

6. the industry average, up front fees charged to investors for purchase of stock, aggregate to 15.48%. (12% designated to promote fund and pay for commissions).

7. The fund managers are authorised to invest in other funds, venture capital companies, start-up companies, quoted and non-quoted companies.

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