Private Offshore Companies

Private Companies have historically been used as a means for one or more persons to jointly pursue a business interest, whilst limiting their exposure to personal liability.

Private Offshore Companies offer further incentives to investors as most enjoy the status of being exempted from corporation tax, capital gains tax, VAT, inheritance and wealth tax. Many Offshore Financial Centres (OFC's) have no tax treaties or exchange of information agreements with other countries and thereby the name of the beneficial owner of an offshore company does not have to be revealed to the authorities by law and confidentiality is assured. These companies are generally used for -

In an Offshore Centre such as Gibraltar a Private company is allowed to carry on trades in the following businesses: 

  • Trading, general merchants, commission agents, traders, wholesalers and retailers, import export, buying and selling, manufacturer, machinery, Holding and Investment purposes ,debentures, stocks and bonds notes and other securities.
  • Holding of investments, inventions, patents trademarks, trade names and designs.
  • Act as managers, operators, charterers, agents, forwarding agents, warehousing, repairs, building, ship, aircraft and transport.
  • Carry out property holding, management, consultancy, agency, civil construction, electrical engineers, building contractors, architects, quantity surveyors, construction designers and project management. Land purchase, buildings, machinery, plant, factories, warehouses, roadways, tramways and railways.
  • To make joint ventures and partnerships arrangements whereby sharing profits with any person or company.
  • Carry out the businesses of recruitment, secretarial, direct mail, translating, instructing, advertising, schools, colleges, newspaper, magazine, proprietors, printers, publishers, advertising agents, journalists, singers, writers, authors, composers, television, radio commentary.
  • Professional services include, directors, registrars auditors, accountants, secretaries, managers, offices, arbitrators, trustees, executors, administrators.
  • Hospitality services, hotel, tavern, nightclub, restaurant, amusement parks, film and video production.
  • Mining quarrying, exploration, metals, minerals, fossil fuels, precious stones.
  • Sports, recreation, amusement, fanfares, sideshows, competitions, tournaments, cinematography, television, stage, variety show, aquatics, equestrian and aerial.

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