Guernsey Company

Guernsey is a top rated jurisdiction if you need a prestigious and politically stable location where most of UK and Europe’s major International Banks have either a Head Office or subsidiary. A Guernsey Company is suitable for clients wishing to list a fund on the stock market or to carry on insurance business.

Guernsey Company Taxation

Similar to its Neighbour, Jersey, Guernsey levies 0% tax for non-resident companies and 10% tax for banking and financial services businesses based on the island. Utility companies pay 20% tax. Guernsey has tax treaties with Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom

Guernsey Company Compliance

The officers and shareholders of a Guernsey Company are required to be recorded at Companies House and the annual return detailing any changes is required to be validated every year. For most companies, accounts are required to be prepared annually but not filed at Companies House. A Corporate Director is permitted to be a director of a Guernsey company. For most of our clients AMP & Partners Ltd provides a Corporate Company Director, Secretary and a Shareholder service (nominees) so that your name will not appear on any official record at Companies House, ensuring that your identity is protected. Records of the identity of the beneficial owners of a Guernsey Company remain confidential.

Guernsey Company Formation

AMP & Partners Ltd can carry out a quick name check for you and initiate incorporation the same day or next day. Normal Incorporation takes just one day.

Guernsey Company Structure

A new Guernsey Companies Law came into effect on July 1, 2008 together with a new Guernsey Registry. The 2008 Companies Law provided for the consolidation of Guernsey Company Law from the previous legislation provided by the Companies (Guernsey) Law 1994. There are standardised articles which are used for most incorporations which allows for faster processing taking just 24 hours for incorporation.
Guernsey Nominee Director, Shareholder and Secretary Services

AMP & Partners Ltd provide fully-insured Nominee Corporate Director, Shareholder and Secretary Services. We guarantee that your Guernsey Company will be properly formed and delivered to you, managed professionally and comply with local legislative requirements, for the price quoted. There are no hidden fees. Furthermore, we guarantee not to increase the price of the annual fees for a five year period and thereafter any subsequent annual price increase will be related to the retail price index forecast estimated to be 3.3%.

Guernsey Company names

The Companies Law prohibits companies from having a name which is misleading. Accordingly, the use of words such as "fund", "investment" and "management" in a company's name must be used with care and often only after consultation with the GFSC and the Guernsey Registrar to ensure that no misleading impression will be conveyed. If you can’t think of a name for your company, its not a problem. You can still proceed to checkout, now and we will forward you 20 names to consider.
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