Gibraltar Incorporation

The procedures for incorporating a Gibraltar Company is similar to that in other English language jurisdictions that have laws based on English law. Non-Resident companies in Gibraltar are Tax Exempt if they fulfill the International criteria as laid down by the OECD. AMP & Partners Ltd can give you advice on how best to structure Gibraltar Non-Resident Companies to your advantage taking into account Foreign Control Legislation. Most Gibraltar corporations currently pay zero or a token amount of tax.


Gibraltar has been named as of one of the top four financial centres by ‘International Investment’ magazine using statistics and rating on financial institutions from Standard and Poor’s and Synaptic.

Gibraltar companies

The advantages are as follows-

  • Gibraltar is an associate member of the EU
  • British based legal system (English as first language)
  • No exchange controls
  • Tax exemption for companies trading outside Gibraltar
  • Tax exemption for trusts for non-residents
  • Tax free interest on bank deposits for non-residents
  • International banking with deposit guarantee

The advantages of Gibraltar as a base for a company’s International Headquarters:

  • Proximity to Southern EU countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy) and Africa
  • Same time zone as many African countries and EU (+1)
  • Presence of major international and European banks, accountancy firms and insurance companies
  • Port and shipping facilities bases on a major shipping route
  • Airport and daily flights to Heathrow (London) for international connections
  • Tax exemption for companies trading outside/through Gibraltar
  • Knowledge and understanding of Mediterranean customs and business practices

Gibraltar is currently used by ex EU and USA nationals living in Spain providing the following offshore advantages :

  • Bank interest paid gross (no withholding tax)
  • Offshore insurance products,
  • Offshore investment products
  • Private banking
  • Holding and collection of pension payments
  • Use of companies and trusts to hold family wealth
  • As a base for HNWI (high net worth individuals) to be domiciled

Gibraltar has been named as of one of the top four financial centres by ‘International Investment’ magazine using statistics and rating on financial institutions from Standard and Poor’s and Synaptic

Facts about Gibraltar Companies

British Based Legal System-Yes
Type of Company- None Resident
Disclosure of Beneficial Owner- Yes
Migration of Domicile Permitted-Yes
Tax on trade outside of Gibraltar- Nil
Non-English Language Names Allowed- Yes

Corporate Requirements

Minimum Number of Shareholder- One
Minimum Number of Directors- One
Bearer Shares Allowed- Yes (subject to restrictions)
Corporate Directors Permitted- Yes
Secretary Required- Yes
Standard Authorised Share Capital £2,000
Local Requirements Registered Office/Agent- Yes
Company Secretary- Yes
Local Directors- No
Local Meetings- No
Government Register of Directors- Yes
Government Register of Shareholders- Yes
Annual Requirements Annual Return- Yes
Filing of Accounts- Yes


Authorised Share Capital Normally £2,000  divided into 2,000 shares of £1.00 each. Classes of Shares Permitted, Registered Shares, Bearer Shares (but unusual in the case of an exempt Company) Preference Shares, Redeemable Shares, Shares with or without voting rights.

Bearer Shares Permitted Possible, but not usual in the case of an Exempt Company.Exempt companies are being phased out. Taxation

A Gibraltar Non-Resident Company is exempted from local taxation (subject to satisfying the conditions for non-residency)

Double Taxation Agreements- Gibraltar is not a party to any Double Taxation Treaties

License Fees- None at present Financial Statement Requirements

There is a requirement to file Financial Statements, under the Companies (Accounts) Ordinance 1999. In most cases this would be in the form of a Abridged Balance Sheet.


Minimum number of Directors- One


Company Secretary Required- Yes, usually provided locally but can be a Corporation


Minimum number of Shareholders One


AMP & Partners Limited is not licensed to carry on financial services business in or from within Gibraltar, but has made special arragements with several licensed  providers to supply registered office and secretarial services only in compliance with Financial Service Commission regulations.