London Offshore Consultant

As one of the world's leading financial centres many offshore consultants based in London deal with international clients where they may be engaged on a freelance basis to carry out a contract abroad.

In certain circumstances depending on the length of the contract, the amount of time required spent overseas and the likelihood of the renewal of contracts, offshore consultants based in London may have some justification to conduct some of their business affairs through an overseas or offshore company.

This especially if the client or partner requires a joint-venture and the project is of a long-term nature. Conducting business affairs through an offshore company has several benefits:

  • ability to claim and account for international expenses
  • the protection of a limited liability company where the usual share capital is £100 and claims from any creditors would be limited to this amount
  • the flexibility to build the company into an international business where the location of your temporary or permanent residence would not have an impact on the ability for the company to carry out its business.  
Because of IR35 rules  you may feel that you are not eligible to trade through a corporation or even conduct your business through an overseas company.  If you feel that you may meet some or all of the criteria detailed on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us  for a 'no fee' consultation. 
This especially where your intention is to carry out overseas contracts and establish your own international consultancy. Your business strategy may require you to explore all of the options to remain competitive in a global market. Read more on how to become a contractor overseas.