How to become a Contractor Overseas

Overseas Contractor jobs can be sourced through international recruitment agencies. Opportunities exist worldwide for existing contractors who wish to work overseas to broaden their experience and seek quality jobs, better pay and higher prospects for growth as well.

This is the main reason for the growth in International Recruitment agencies. However potential overseas contractors will pay a substantial percentage of their salary to the employment agency, sometimes as much as 20%.

Another alternative is to seek your own overseas contract. Offshore Accountancy firms such as ourselves could be a useful first port of call. We act for a variety of clients all over the world where we prepare accounts and look after their business affairs. Setting up your own offshore company  where your skills can be advertised on your own website or other industry or Agents related websites could be a great first move to securing one or more overseas contracts. In this way you could eliminate Agent fees and be in control of your own destiny.

For IT Engineers and other industries there may not be a requirement to physically spend large amounts of time abroad and some of the work on a foreign contract could be carried out in your home country. This may enable you to enter into a number of short or part time contracts at the same time. Dependant on legislation in your home country some or all of this work may not be subject to taxation.

For UK residents who are seeking guidance on compliance with IR 35  regulations, please contact us .

We actively network with our clients and by registering with us we can forward your details to them where at least your CV can be kept on file and which may lead or develop into a contract or employment.

Opportunities exist in various sectors include IT,Engineering, Medical Services, Oil and Gas, Hospitality and Construction.

Please go to the contact page  to make an enquiry about vacancies and contract opportunities in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, U. A. E, Kuwait, Bahrain, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa, USA and Canada.