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    Offshore Payroll Services

    Offshore Payroll Services On many occasions the desired route for contractors, consultants, engineers, IT professionals, airline pilots,...  Read More
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          Victor-Chandler UK and international clients save on betting...  Read More
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    Investment Holding

    Investment Holding Companies These may be used by corporations or individuals as a vehicle to hold investments such as shares, bonds, cash. In...  Read More
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    Property Holding

    Property Holding Companies Land and property can be owned by an offshore company in the knowledge that the transfer or sale of the asset will...  Read More
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    Consultancy Services

    Offshore Consultancy Companies These operate in a similar way to export and trading companies but are mainly used by individuals who travel and...  Read More
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    Trading Companies

    Offshore Trading Companies A company incorporated in a low tax country is commonly used to trade internationally where tax savings can be...  Read More
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    Website Holding

    Gibraltar, Europe's leading e-commerce centre Gibraltar has an 'onshore' tax structure quite similar to that of the UK so far as income and...  Read More
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    Offshore Accountants

    Our Professional Code of Practice We all have a duty of care to act in the best interests of our clients. With globalisation affecting small to...  Read More