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Our Professional Code of Practice

We all have a duty of care to act in the best interests of our clients. With globalisation affecting small to medium businesses, as professional advisers, should we not be exploring business opportunities in other countries on behalf of our clients. International tax planning, foreign investment, mergers and outsourcing are already a necessity for many small trading companies. AMP & Partners Limited can assist with your global needs which include; releasing equity, re-financing, property consultancy, raising capital, and tax-planning.

As an independent group we are able to provide a very personalized service and endeavour to satisfy the many differing needs of our clients and business associates. We are always seeking to develop new relationships with financial intermediaries, accountants, lawyers and real estate agents to further mutual business aims.


For tax planning purposes AMP & Partners Limited is based in Gibraltar. However, AMP & Partners' services are not limited to Gibraltar as we provide corporate services through special arrangements with licensed providers in all jurisdictions, where this is a requirement, which includes Gibraltar. We currently recommend Nevis as an alternative jurisdiction which is suitable for the uses of entrepreneurs, contractors, consultants, import/exporters and web based businesses. We have made special arrangements with a licensed provider in Nevis where companies can be incorporated quickly without clients needing to suffer undue delay due to onerous compliance requirements. Please note that we only engage genuine businesses and that we comply with EU Due diligence regulations. AMP & Partners is registered with the Data Protection Agency in Gibraltar.


Our company has extensive past and present experience in the ‘offshore’ financial and property fields with personnel trained in accountancy, marketing and retailing to provide you with a range of skills needed to help your business to expand. Whatever you or your client's goals may be, we can tailor make bespoke solutions to suit your specific needs. Our intention is to provide long term solutions that are designed to help businesses grow and to protect wealth offshore.


AMP & Partners Limited
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Registered Office: 13/1 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar
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