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AMP & Partners Limited is a firm of Accountants and business advisers with its registered office in Gibraltar. As advisers we assist individuals and corporations to restructure, re-position or start new business ventures abroad. We are able to offer our clients most of the services they require to achieve their business goals. These services include, international tax-planning advice, re-financing, sourcing joint-venture partners and raising capital. 

Offshore companies, trusts and banking facilities can be used for a variety of reasons such as: property purchases, stocks, shares, yachts, and other asset holding. With extensive experience in the offshore and retail industry, let us help you to re-structure your businesses where profits increases are possible and exposure to global taxation, minimimzed.
Gibraltar Company

document and money.jpg If you are a Company Owner, Director or Entrepreneur that feels that your business is being restricted by high tax and overheads, then outsourcing or moving part of your business abroad to a jurisdiction like Gibraltar could be a viable option. Careful utilization of a Low tax or Nil Tax Company or Offshore Trust could save you considerable sums and release valuable cash to help you enjoy a better lifestyle.

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